Created in 2005 backed by nothing but a dream




The ‘Volcanos’ is an iconic feature of the Julius Truffles story. Made in a pyramidal form, it expresses the tension between the calculability of rational machine-made chocolates against the inner molten lava core that is filled with the chocolatier’s passion and soul.

Everlasting Summer

Julius Truffles X Fantasy

Capsule Collection


Shot in 2008

"The concept behind this was to imagine the coldness of what a chocolate factory was like - division of labour, economic alienation and machine driven output. Products had no meaning, they were just a number that was churned out in the mega Fordist-type factory system. 

Yet, above all of that, there is something extra special - the Volcano chocolate, a handcrafted creation. In this world driven solely by experimentation and curiosity, I was a creator, an artist and a dreamer." 


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